Pirate King Coffee Mug 20oz


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PIRATE KING COFFEE TANKARD! This is the "Big Daddy" of all our custom mugs! Fit for a Pirate King, this mug is massive! It holds 20oz+ of hot coffee, grog or whatever beverage you partake in, while you rule your Pirate Kingdom! Sit back and watch your Krewe grovel at your feet in amazement of your awesomeness!


Vendor: Lafitte Trading Company®

Brand: Lafitte's Coffee House™

Accessory: Coffee Mug

Product: Jean Lafitte ~ Pirate King Coffee Tankard 20oz

Product Details: 

  • Custom Kilned Mug made exclusively for Lafitte Trading Company®
  • Two Tone Color~ Matte Charcoal with Caribbean Sand Glaze
  • 20+ Ounces 
  • Ceramic 
  • 100% Microwave and Oven Safe
  • We recommend hand washing only to prevent damage
  • Handmade in the USA at Deneen Pottery, St. Paul, Minnesota