Corsair Pirate Hat

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Pirates of the Caribbean® ~ Corsair Pirate Hat 

The mark of a great pirate? Is it their skill with a sword? Maybe it's their ability to maintain balance while performing heroic acts in a deadly battle on the sea. Perhaps it's about how much they love! Well, we think it's something else that's the mark of a great pirate. Their hat, of course! Have you ever seen a swashbuckling captain set sail without a daring hat? Nope! Every great captain wears a stellar hat while cruising the seven seas, so if you plan on commandeering a ship of your own, then you'd better be ready to wear a hat. You're going to want this Pirate Corsair Hat on your head! 

This classic Pirate Corsair Hat is the finishing touch to any great pirate captain costume. It has a classic tricorn style, so it quickly adds that captain-like quality to your look. The faux leather material also helps create a realistic style that pirates from the 1700s would wear. It's the first accessory you need when crafting a pirate cosplay outfit. Of course, be sure to check out our full selection of pirate accessories and costumes to get your sea-faring style just right!

Product Specifications
  • 100% polyester sturdy faux suede
  • Hook and loop size adjustment band on inside
  • Distressed finish for weathered look
  • One size fits most
  • Officially Disney® licensed product