Jean Lafitte's Flag of Cartagena
Jean Lafitte's Flag of Cartagena

Jean Lafitte's Flag of Cartagena


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FLAG OF CARTAGENA: Lafitte's years as a Privateer expanded from 1805-1821. One of the "Letters of Marque" Lafitte held privateer commissions from was the Republic of Cartagena (in modern Colombia), This "Letter of Marque" authorized Lafitte to prey on Spanish commerce, illegally disposing of its plunder through merchant connections on the mainland. Lafitte was forced to turn to a life of Piracy when in 1821, the USS Enterprise was sent to Galveston to remove Lafitte from the Gulf. One of Lafitte's captains had attacked an American merchant ship. Lafitte agreed to leave the island without a fight, and on May 7, 1821, departed on his ship The Pride


Vendor: Lafitte Trading Company®

Brand: Jean Lafitte Clothing

Accessory: Flag

Product: Jean Lafitte ~ Lafitte's Flag of Cartagena

Measures: Standard 3' Feet x 5' Feet

  • High Quality Custom ANLEY® Flag
  • Single Sided Flag with same graphics Front & Back (Reversed)
  • Double Needle Stitching for durability
  • Canvas Header with Brass Grommets
  • Outdoor / Indoor / Boats / Balcony 
  • Vivid Printing
  • Mildew Proof
  • UV Fade Resistant

Graphics: This is a custom single sided flag with the Flag of Cartagena graphic(s) displayed on both sides of the flag.