LTC Marque 3" Decal


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THE LTC MARQUE: Pirate /ˈpīrət/ ~ A person who attacks and raids ships at sea; a sea-plunderer, one who without authority and by violence seizes or interferes with a ship or property of another; one who makes use or reproduces the work of another without authorization. Jean Lafitte's preferred victim on the high seas was England's East India Company, who branded Lafitte, "The Bastard of Barataria." As retribution for the insult, the Pirate King pilfered their famous marque as his own, infuriating King George III.


Vendor: Lafitte Trading Company®

Brand: Jean Lafitte Clothing

Accessory: Decal / Sticker

Product: Jean Lafitte ~ LTC Marque

Measures: 3" Inches