Commodore Tricorn Hat


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Pirates of the Caribbean® ~ Commodore Tricorn Hat 

Avast me ‘hearties, Yo ho!

So, you’ve bought your ship. Sure it looks like a Kia, but it’s really the Queen Anne’s Revenge. You even figured out how to hoist your pirate flag, a pole stuck through the sun roof that also doubles as the crows nest. Heck, you even have a flint lock (plastic of course), and a sword (also plastic) to do battle against anyone you might come across.

But you are still missing the thing that lets common folk know you are a pirate to be feared. You are missing this Commodore Tricorn Hat. Now you could go claim it from some poor unsuspecting oaf, or you can just click “Add to Cart” here, and not have to face charges of (plastic) armed robbery. Besides then you would never get to sail (drive) the seven seas (highways in town) collecting your booty (the shopping)!

Product Specifications
  • 100% polyester faux suede
  • Red and gold colored trimming with decorative button at side
  • Faux white feather trim
  • Adjustable size adjuster inside with hook and loop fastener’
  • Officially Disney® licensed product